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Fourteen reasons why Indians are not as healthy as they should be

A wide angle view of India

I’ve written a fair amount articles on diet and talked to dietitians and doctors about the ailments which plague Indians. Heart disease, Diabetes, AIDS and Cancer. What seems clear is that all of these diseases are related to lifestyle and at least three to diet. One can never pinpoint the exact cause of any disease as many complex factors come into play including that of the genes.

However there is no doubt that diet and lifestyle have been proven to be linked to disease. I have made my own conclusions after talking to experts and have also made some observations of life around me. I believe that problems today with our lifestyle and diet habits are the following:

1) Eating too many fried foods, ranging from pakodas and jalebis to namkeens
2) Eating a lot of sweets, which are soaked in ghee and often fried as well. This increases fat intake…

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